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“We Always Put The Patient At The Heart Of Our Service”

Established in Newport, South Wales in 1993 as an Independent centre, Kensington Court Clinic received a high volume of referrals from General Dental Practitioners and Local Health Boards.

These referrals were for patients requiring more complex dental treatment and oral surgery, often administered with sedation and general anaesthesia. Over time, Kensington has expanded its services and expertise in modern dentistry. Our practice prides itself on prioritising the patient and providing respect and care, as evidenced by our dedicated team.

In response to increasing patient demand for improved smiles and expanded treatment options, Kensington has honed in on its two primary strengths in dental health. Our Hospital Services remain an integral part of our practice and are situated on the ground floor in the Kensington Suite. We are an Independent Day Hospital, approved and monitored by Health Inspectorate Wales, and provide private and referred patients with unparalleled levels of care and safety.

Kensington is the only Independent Dental Hospital in South East Wales capable of offering day surgery with general anaesthesia for private treatments. Patients can opt to receive dental treatment whilst in a completely relaxed state, safe in the knowledge that they are under the care of a highly skilled team with a proven track record of providing effective dental and oral treatments in state-of-the-art treatment and theatre rooms.

Mr Jonathan J Carter June 2024

Jonathan Carter


GDC Number – 67424

James Colcombe


GDC Number – 153579

Benjamin Forward


GDC Number – 251129

Nia Creed

Dental Surgeon

GDC Number – 114368

Bridie Griffiths

Dental Surgeon

GDC Number – 259735

Steven Key

Consultant Oral Surgeon/Partner

GDC Number – 61306

Joseph Catania Kensington Court June 2024

Joseph Catania

Oral Surgeon

GDC Number – 74638

Lowri Myrddin - Associate in oral surgery - Kensington Court Clinic

Lowri Myrddin

Associate in Oral Surgery

GDC Number – 74657

Dr. Phil Majoe


GMC Number – 3034833

Dr. Mudit Kumar


GMC Number – 5204570

Dr Froom June 2024 kensington court clinic

Dr. Steve Froom

Consultant Paediatric Anaesthetist

GMC Number 4555504

Claire Lewis


GMC Number – 5996

Heather Larcombe-Watkins Kensington Court Clinic June 2024

Heather Larcombe-Watkins


Adam Watkins

Deputy Manager

We Offer Team-based Care With the Latest Knowledge & Experience of Handling Dental & Oral Concerns.

We Offer Team-based Care With the Latest Knowledge & Experience of Handling Dental & Oral Concerns.

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