Are Dental Implants Right for Me?

For those with missing teeth, dental implants offer a promising solution. These small posts take the place of a tooth’s root and can be used to connect new replacement teeth. There are many reasons why one might choose dental implants over dentures or other options. If you have loose or missing teeth due to tooth decay, gum disease, clenching or grinding, root fractures, or facial injuries, dental implants could be a good option for you. Additionally, those born without a tooth or with a cleft lip may find dental implants to be a helpful solution.
Dental implants offer a range of benefits, including improved speech, appearance, eating abilities, and comfort. However, to be a candidate for dental implants, certain requirements must be met. You must be an adult or adolescent whose face and jawbone has finished growing, have enough jawbone to support the implants or be able to undergo a bone graft, have healthy gum tissues, be in good overall health, and not smoke.
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Before proceeding with dental implant surgery, your doctor will conduct a thorough evaluation to ensure that you are a good candidate. This evaluation may include a comprehensive exam, dental x-rays, 3D images, and models of your teeth and jaw. In particular, your doctor will check for bone density to ensure that your jawbone is strong enough to hold the implant. Additionally, your gum health will be assessed, as gum disease can increase the risk of infection and implant failure. If you have gum disease, you may need to wait until it has cleared up before undergoing dental implant surgery.
Good overall health is also important for dental implant surgery, as anaesthesia is typically required. Your doctor will review your medical history and any medications you are taking to ensure that you are healthy enough for the procedure. However, there are certain health conditions that may make dental implants too risky, including diabetes, cardiac problems, significant bone loss, unhealthy gums, and previous radiation therapy to the head or neck. If you have any of these conditions, your doctor may recommend antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection.
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It is also important to consider the time commitment involved in dental implant surgery. The process can take several months to over a year and may involve multiple specialists, including an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, periodontist, and prosthodontist. Follow-up visits with your doctor will be necessary to ensure that your implants, teeth, and gums are healthy. It may also be necessary to wear temporary teeth while your implants heal. If you are unable to commit to this time frame or prefer a quicker solution, dental implants may not be the best option for you.

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