Root Canal Treatment Is Also Known As Endodontics. We Always Try To Save A Tooth.

We will always try to preserve a natural tooth if we can since as a rule, a natural tooth will have better function than an artificial one.

We use root canal treatment to treat infection within the root canal system at the tooth’s centre. When there is an infection in the blood or nerve supply of the tooth it will spread and the tooth may be lost if root canal treatment is not performed. Root canal treatment removes all of the infection from inside the root canal system. The root canal is sealed with a filling or crown so that it does not become reinfected.

Root canal treatment usually requires two or three appointments with the dentist.

Root Filling (Incisor)


Root Filling (Premolar)


Root Filling (Molar)

When is a root canal required? Kensington Court Clinic

When Is A Dental Root Canal Required?

Root canal treatment is only required when an infection deep within the tooth has been shown in an X-ray to have damaged the tooth’s inner pulp.

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What is the reason for root canal treatment? Kensington Court Clinic

What Is The Reason For Root Canal Treatment?

The reason for any root canal treatment is to stop an infection in its tracks. It is vital to remove any bacteria from inside the tooth and to disinfect the root canals.

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How do we help nervous patients? Kensington Court Clinic

How Do We Help Nervous Patients?

If you are worried about pain or discomfort from root canal treatment, please feel free to discuss this with us. We are confident that we can lay your fears to rest.

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How successful is root canal treatment? Kensington Court Clinic

How Successful Is Root Canal Treatment?

Around ninety per cent of root-canal-treated teeth will survive for up to ten years, especially when fitted with a crown.

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Referrals for root canal treatment. Kensington Court Clinic

Referrals For Root Canal Treatment.

We are always happy to accept referrals for the services we provide and have built a great relationship with local practioners.

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Recovering From Root Canal Treatment.

It is important that you take special care to look after your teeth when recovering from root canal treatment.

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