Dental Hygiene Is Essential To Create And Maintain A Healthy Mouth and Body.

The dental hygienist’s main priority is to save teeth. They do this by showing you how to keep your teeth and gums healthy so that you can avoid gum disease.

Gum disease can give you bad breath. It can cause your gums to bleed and be painful and is the major cause of tooth loss. Gum disease may also increase your risk of other serious health conditions such as heart disease and strokes. In most cases, gum disease is treatable and preventable.

The dental hygienist will treat gum disease, but most importantly, will teach you an oral hygiene routine to make sure you can take good care of your teeth at home.

Scale and Polish


What Are The Benefits Of Visiting A Dental Hygienist?

There are many benefits of visiting a dental hygienist that can help improve and maintain your oral health.

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What does a Hygienist do? Kensington Court Clinic

What Does A Dental Hygienist Do?

The dental hygienist will remove plaque from your gum line and your teeth which is known as scaling and polishing.

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Why should I Visit the Hygienist? Kensington Court Clinic

Why Should I Visit The Hygienist?

To keep your mouth healthy, you should brush your teeth carefully twice a day with a GDC recognised toothbrush.

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Why is it important to Remove Plaque? Kensington Court Clinic

Why Is It Important To Remove Plaque?

If you allow plaque to build up you could eventually lose your teeth so regular removal of plaque is required. 

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What to Expect from an Appointment with our Hygienist Kensington Court Clinic

What To Expect From An Hygienist Appointment.

Your first appointment with the hygienist will be more involved than the subsequent routine appointments.

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Benefits of Regular Hygienist Appointments Kensington Court Clinic

Benefits Of Regular Hygienist Appointments.

If you attend regular hygienist appointments, you will receive many oral health benefits. 

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