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We will always do whatever we can to preserve your natural teeth as we believe that they ought to last for your lifetime.

The most common reason for extracting a tooth is that sometimes a tooth can become so damaged or decayed that it is irretrievable.

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Why are teeth removed? Kensington Court Clinic

Why Do Some Teeth Need To Be Removed?

There are quite a few reasons why we would remove a tooth. Theses reasons include:

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How is an extraction performed? Kensington Court Clinic

How Is An Extraction Performed?

We will use an X-ray to determine whether you will need a simple extraction or a surgical extraction.

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Does an extraction hurt? Kensington Court Clinic

Does A Dental Extraction Hurt?

We always try to ensure that you feel no pain throughout your dental extraction procedure.

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What happens immediately after the extraction? Kensington Court Clinic

What Happens Immediately After The Extraction?

If you have had a simple extraction your gum may bleed briefly afterwards. We will give you some soft padding to bite on to help the bleeding to stop, and when it has stopped and you have passed a dental review, you can go home.

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What happens in the long term after an extraction? Kensington Court Clinic

What Happens In The Long Term After An Extraction?

A gap left after a tooth is extracted can cause the surrounding teeth to move or sit differently than they did before. Unless we removed the tooth to make more space in your mouth, you would probably prefer your remaining teeth not to move.

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Referrals for extractions. Kensington Court Clinic

Referrals For Dental Extractions.

We are always happy to accept referrals for the services we provide. As an independent day hospital, our highly skilled team can treat routine or very complex cases offering both sedation and general anaesthetic.

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